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          New Year Fish economy to boost rural vitalization


          2023-01-03 15:15 来源:newsgd.com

          More than 200 domestic enterprises brought distinctive fish products, such as sea bass, gold pomfret, and sturgeon, to the first China New Year Fish Expo on Dec 29 at the main hall of the Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center in Shizimen.

          Six sub-venues were also set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu in Sichuan Province, Xi'an in Shaanxi Province, Harbin in Heilongjiang Province, and Macao. This expo gathered more than 400 entrepreneurs countrywide to promote the New Year Fish economy.

          It is expected that the event will help develop the New Year Fish brand and will further promote rural vitalization and the modernization in agriculture and rural areas.


          New Year Fish dishes on display during the expo [Photo by Liang Guanxian / Guanhai App]

          A list of Top 12 Chinese New Year Fish was released, among them are Baijiao sea bass, Shunde sea eel, bighead carp from Chagan Lake, and Hainan tilapia.

          The Chinese New Year Fish Industrial Association, after gathering resources of more than 400 enterprises, government departments, media agencies, and associations, unveiled its plaque during the event. It also announced that the Chinese New Year Fish Trading Center will become an all-year-round online trading platform for New Yea Fish.

          Moreover, the Zhuhai Prefabricated Food Industrial Association also attended the expo with the aim to promote the in-depth integration of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries.

          Su Hu, Party secretary of Doumen District, noted that measures will be taken to create a New Year Fish industrial ecosphere featuring the sustainable development and integration of industry, supply and value chains.

          Doumen Eco-Agriculture Park signed investment contracts to the value of 10 billion yuan ($1.4 billion) with 30 enterprises during the event, including Sunhola Group and Evergreen Conglomerate.

          In addition, a batch of New Year Fish wholesale and sales enterprises signed New Year Fish purchase contracts with fish production and processing enterprises from all over China to the value of 650 million yuan ($93 million).

          Source: cityofzhuhai.com

          编辑:Eastbrook   责任编辑:Monica
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